G.Skill Uncorks Brutally Fast Trident Z DDR4-4600 MHz Memory

by Adeel Younas
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Trident Z

G.Skill is on a rampage by breaking memory speed record of their own time after time. The latest update from G.Skill just takes things to whole new level as we are looking at fastest clocked DDR4 memory which designed so far.

G.Skill Takes DDR4 Memory To 4600 MHz on 1.5V

Trident Z is going to launch at the end of September; new memory kit will be available in two colors. There will be one with the black aluminum body and black accent bar and another with the silver aluminum body and a white bar. Both of the variants will ship with a maximum capacity of 16GB, so that’s 8GB per DIMM and will be configured to operate at DDR4-4600MHz CL19.

The major feature here is Trident Z’s impressive clock rate which is a good bump in clock speeds and rapidly approaching maximum barriers of what is achievable through conventional means on DDR4 memory standards. The standard speed of DDR4 set at 3200MHz is already maxed out, and companies like G.Skill are showing more amazing technical work to achieve higher clock speeds. The upcoming DDR5 standard which should be available in consumers platforms in 2-3 years is aiming to hit 6400MHz (standard), so it will be interesting to see what G.Skill manages to do with DDR5.

The DDR4-4600 memory will be shipping with 1.5V which is 25% increase over standard 1.2V. It should also note that DIMM will ship with the loose timing of CL19 23-23-43 and G.Skill states that these modules are built with hand-selected, high-quality Samsung B-die IC components so we can expect these to be perfect quality memory kits.

Trident Z Memory Tests

Finally, G.Skill ran a stability test of the memory on a Core i7-7740X and the ASRock X299 OC Formula which is a fantastic motherboard for overclocking any Core-X chip:

G.SKILL, the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory and gaming peripherals, is excited to announce a new extreme speed DDR4 memory kits at DDR4-4600MHz CL19! Built with hand-selected, high-quality Samsung B-die IC components, this new addition to the flagship Trident Z series will be available in two color variations: silver aluminum body with white accent bar and black aluminum body with black accent bar.

Trident Z Series DDR4-4600MHz CL19-23-23-43 16GB (8GBx2)

Previously, the speed of DDR4-4600MHz was only achievable under extreme overclocking with liquid nitrogen cooling. Now, designed for extreme speed dual-channel memory operation on the latest Intel X299 high-end desktop platform, G.SKILL is once again raising the limits on DDR4 memory speed to DDR4-4600MHz CL19-23-23-43 at 1.5V, with a total capacity of 16GB (8GBx2).

Intel XMP 2.0 Support & Availability

This new high-performance Trident Z kit is designed with Intel XMP 2.0 support, and the two variations of Trident Z DDR4-4600MHz memory kit are scheduled for release via G.SKILL authorized distribution partners at the end of September 2017. via G.Skill

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