Trump site hacked by attacker purportedly from Iraq

It is reported that on sunday, Hackers from Iraq claimed that they have hacked American’s President website named as and had put the image on the website indicating their claim about the hack.

According to the reports, the image, which is displayed on the, is having a man in a fedora containing the following message:

Hacked By Pro_Mast3r ~
Attacker Gov
Nothing Is Impossible
Peace From Iraq

The source code on the page contains a link to a javascript file on a deceased Google code account, the account was then said to be affiliated with the hacking of at least three more websites. Although, it seems that the fragment was naive.

The server was then turned down and gone offline and did not seem to be connected with the main homepage of the website. But, an alternative website is always there to support the safe contribution to the

But, an alternative website is always there to support the safe contribution to the campaign, as was hacked, therefore, no connection to secure2 is seemed to be there from the main website.

And when you will try to search for the ‘Pro_Mast3r’  on the Google, you won’t be able find anything relevant, therefore, there is no hint that who did this and what was his purpose behind it.

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Muhammad Irfan Raza
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