TSMC Unveils $40 Billion Plan for 3nm Chips in Arizona: Apple Joins In

by Zeeshan Akram

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, joined other US leaders in applauding TSMC’s plan to invest $40 billion to make advanced chips in Arizona. The Taiwanese company that makes chips wants to build the most advanced place in the world to make 3-nanometer chips. This will create thousands of jobs and bring the state about $3 billion yearly in wages, taxes, and capital spending.

TSMC the world’s largest contract chipmaker, has announced it is investing significantly more than initially planned to build a second fabrication plant that will produce 3nm chips. TSMC plans to invest $40 billion over four years, almost triple the initial investment of $12 billion they initially announced.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. is building its first fabrication plant in North Phoenix. (TSMC)

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This massive investment is seen as an effort by TSMC to stay ahead of its competitors and maintain their current leadership position in chip production. The new facility is expected to be operational by 2026 and will help meet the increasing demand for 5G infrastructure and mobile devices with high-end processors and graphics cards.

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By producing smaller, more efficient chips at this new facility, TSMC anticipates offering faster technological advancements for customers in multiple industries across the globe.

“Next year, commercial operations will begin and today TSMC has announced a second major investment. It will construct a second fab here in Phoenix to build ‘three nano chips’, ‘chips that are three nano’, you know what I’m saying. “

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Apple CEO Tim Cook announced on Monday that the chips for many of their products will be produced right here in Phoenix, Arizona.

Tim Cook says that chips for many Apple products will be produced in the Phoenix plant and that “Thanks to the hard work of so many people […] these chips can be proudly stamped: ‘Made in America’.


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