Twitter acquires quote-sharing app Highly



According to reports, the social media platform, Twitter has bought the highlight sharing app named “Highly.”

Yesterday, CEO of Highly, Andrew Courter confirmed the deal in a Medium post but the company yet to clarify the role of Highly on Twitter.

The social media platform’s focus was on buying Highly primary for its staff instead of buying Highly’s services.

It is expected that Twitter will use Highly for the betterment of its conversation features but it is still unclear how Twitter will use it.

Let me introduce Highly, it is basically an iOS app and a browser plug-in which allows users to highlight a particular text and share it with your friends via email, Slack, text or email. Moreover, users can access shared content or quote anytime.

According to the acquisition, Highly is bound to discontinue its iOS app and Slack on April 26th but it will maintain all highlights of the readers.

Apparently, Highly browser plug-ins are available on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. From now on, paid products, Highly for Team and Crowd Control will be available for free.

The Highly team stated that:

“Sharing highlights, not headlines — sharing thinking instead of lazily linking — helps spark the kind of conversation that leaves participants and observers alike a bit better off than they started. We’d like to see more of this”

You already know, that users can share screenshots on Twitter and numerous Journalists have been doing it for so long.

Sometimes people share more attractive quotes or passage from a particular story, which attracts a lot of readers.

Well, if you have shared a quote with juicy headlines, it will just force readers to follow the links and read the full story.

This deal might be helpful for Twitter, as it will help the app to reach out to more people around the globe.

Zeeshan Akram

Zeeshan Akram

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