Microsoft and Facebook commited to remove hate speech within 24 hours

Internet giants team up to remove any content which contains violent or illegal material like hate speech from going viral. They pledged to remove such content in less than 24 hours.

Companies also pledged to train their staff related to hate speech issues and tackle the problem faced due to hate speech.

Vera Jourova, the EU justice commissioner in charge of the issue, said tackling illegal online hate speech is becoming more urgent.

“Social media is unfortunately one of the tools that terrorist groups use to radicalize young people and racists use to spread violence and hatred,” she said.

The corporations agreed to promote the “independent counter-narratives” to fight with hate speech, including all contents contain violent material.

Many companies already have their policies against hate speech and violence.

Earlier in this year, Twitter created a team which review terrorist activities on their network and register a complaint in Law Enforcement agencies. In February more than 125,00 account have been blocked due to promoting terrorist act and violence.

“We work hard to balance giving people the power to express themselves whilst ensuring we provide a respectful environment,” said Monika Bickert, the head of Global Policy Management at Facebook. “We urge people to use our reporting tools if they find content that they believe violates our standards so we can investigate.”

Facebook said they received 1 million requests per day from Facebook users.

Microsoft changed its terms of use “to specifically prohibit the posting of terrorist content on [its] hosted consumer services,” such as OneNote, a cloud-based document program.

Tech giants also met with official authorities from US government to discuss how to stop hate speech and ISIS like organization from using platforms to spread their words.


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