Twitter is removing ‘locked’ accounts, again

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
Published: Last Updated on

For numerous reasons, Twitter wants to get rid of fake accounts that are widely spread across its platform.

Previously in July, many high profile accounts have seen a huge drop in their followers, as the social media has decided to remove a large number of accounts that have been locked for suspicious activities, but since then some accounts have been unlocked already.

The social media has confirmed to Reuters that it “discovered a bug where some of these accounts were briefly added back, which led to misleading follower counts.”

According to an Ad fraud research company Social Puncher, various popular twitter accounts have gained almost one-third of the followers they lost.

But soon after, it is reported that those accounts have disappeared again. Moreover, Elon Musk also tweeted about a gradual decrease in its followers according to him he losses approximately 20,000 followers in the last few days.

Obviously, Elon Musk did not have bought fake followers, but those who did so, they have to get used to their smaller number of followers.

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