Twitter removes nearly 4,800 accounts linked to Iranian government


Today, according to reports, the social media giant, Twitter has suspended almost 4,800 accounts.

The social media platform proclaims that these accounts are being run or directly linked to the Iranian government.

According to a transparency report released by the social media platform. The report is explaining that numerous insidious actors on the platform were involved in spreading misinformation.

As a result, they got suspended. Moreover, Twitter has also suspended four accounts linked to the Internet Research Agency (IRA) of Russia.

 There were also 130 fake accounts linked with the Catalan independence movement in Spain and 33 more accounts linked to a commercial entity in Venezuela were also blocked.

The Iranian accounts were categorized into three categories. Among all those accounts, almost 1,600 accounts tweets about the international media news that supports the Iranian state. 248 accounts used to engage in discussions, especially about Israel.

And a total of 2,865 accounts were banned, which are accused of criticizing that person who used to target social and political issues in Iran.

The social media giant is also taking action on accounts that it thinks of having election interference from Iran, Russia, and several other nations.

All of this is due to what happened in the 2016 Presidential elections in the US. In February 2019, Twitter has blocked more than 2600 Iran supported accounts, and 418 Russia’s IRA supported account. The company proclaimed that all of this account was involved in election meddling.