Unofficial News Of Honor 60

by Ijlala Maqbool

There are a couple of honor phones that have been spotted at China’s 3C certification platform, which may include GIA-AN00, ELZ-AN00, TNA-AN00, ANY-AN00, and LSA-AN00.
It is confirmed that 60 will come with 2 variants. There is no information on the other specifications of the honor 60 trios.
May they will come with a 778 Snapdragon chipset like their previous series of 50 and 50 Pro. Honor is yet to confirm the arrival of the honor 60 series. The company may release some teasers by the end of this month.
Therefore we have to wait for the official news. In some leaked pictures, it shows that the device has two large camera rings inside a large pill-shaped camera module.
It can be safe to assume that honor 60 is not planning to make any major changes in terms of device shape and design and will be much more like their current generation Honor 50 series.
In addition to this, it is being reported that Honor 60 variants have 44w and 66w fast charging.
That’s it. Thanks for reading this article of the Honor 60 series.

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