Users Reporting’Wrecked Scrolling’ on Logitech Mice After macOS Sierra Update

A few users are reporting performance troubles with Logitech’s mice accessories after updating to MacOS sierra, in most cases bringing up issues centered around “laggy” scrolling and a few unresponsive customized buttons. Users have in particular mentioned that the m705 marathon laser mouse and performance mouse MX are among merchandise affected, however, a much broader swath of Logitech’s mice lineup is in all likelihood protected.

The purpose at the back of the troubles, and how extensive it is able to reach, is because of an incompatibility difficulty between the Logitech manipulate middle app and MacOS sierra. As cited by using a poster on the Logitech boards, at the brand new 3.Nine.Four software program for LCC, the m705’s ahead and lower back buttons were pronounced as “not working,” even as scrolling turned into being difficult as nicely.


A separate file, posted on StackExchange, designated a similar trouble with Logitech’s mice on MacOS sierra. The user defined their mouse as having “soggy inertia” scrolling in native apple apps, and “choppy” scrolling in third-birthday celebration apps. In the end, they determined that updating to MacOS sierra “wrecked scrolling” at the Logitech mouse.

The scrolling behaviour is erratic because I’m actually assaulted by two issues:

In native macOS applications, like Apple Calendar, there is an ”inertia-ish” effect that slows down the scroll and introduces some sort of acceleration-like movement akin to the worst nightmares from Windows 10.

In third-party applications, like Google Chrome, the scrolling is quite fast but not fluid; it’s choppy and non-linear with sudden jumps and stops. Because of this, it feels like the computer is laggy when scrolling a page, but it’s probably due to the way the software scrolls.

The Logitech Control Center Mac app allows users to customize the features of their Logitech accessories — mainly mice and keyboards — along with basic features like notifications for low battery life and when each device has a firmware update. Its incompatibility with Sierra appears to be the source of the problem users are describing online. Unfortunately, Logitech has confirmed that “LCC is not available on Mac Sierra,” and that “there is no release date known” for when it might launch.

The same user who mentioned “wrecked scrolling” did appear to find some solutions to the problem, although they noted that everything was just “temporary band-aid tweaks” in the face of Logitech’s lack of support. The user noted that messing around with the scroll and zoom settings in System Preferences > Mouse could help slightly, as well as checking out System Preferences > Logitech Control Center > Vertical Scrolling.