ViewFinity S9: Samsung Has a 5K Answer to Apple’s Studio Display

by Farhan Yousaf

The ViewFinity S9 is Samsung’s newest 5K monitor. It is being called a competitor to Apple’s Studio Display. The monitor is available in two sizes: 27″ and 32″. It has a 5120×2880 resolution, allowing users to enjoy images and videos with exceptional clarity. In addition, it features HDR10 support, which provides vivid colors with deep blacks and bright whites.

ViewFinity S9 Shakes Up the 5K Monitor Game

ViewFinity S9 has a color gamut of 99% DCI-P3 and a factory-set delta E score of less than or equal to 2. The delta E score shows how different two colors look to the human eye. If the score is 2 or less, the color accuracy is better than the human eye.

ViewFinity S9: Samsung Has a 5K Answer to Apple's Studio Display

The ViewFinity S9 has an impressive display and a built-in color calibration engine that lets you change the screen’s color and brightness accurately. Smartphone users can adjust white balance, gamma, and RGB color balance using the Samsung Smart Calibration app. The matte screen reduces glare and light reflection to minimize distractions.

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The ViewFinity S9 has a 4K SlimFit camera and can do native video conferencing with apps like Google Meet that come with the Samsung Smart Hub. On the back, it has a variety of inputs and outputs, such as DisplayPort, HDMI, Thunderbolt 4, and USB-C, and it can charge with up to 96W of Power Delivery.

Pricing and availability for the ViewFinity S9 have not yet been announced. Below is a full list of the monitor’s specifications:

FeatureSamsung ViewFinity S9
Display size27 inches
Resolution5,120 x 2,880
Color gamut99% DCI-P3
Delta E scoreLess than or equal to 2
Built-in color calibration engineYes
Native video conferencing supportYes
Inputs/OutputsDisplayPort, HDMI, Thunderbolt 4, USB-C (Power Delivery up to 96W)
Matte screenYes

Samsung ViewFinity S9 appears to be a high-quality monitor with features specifically designed for creative professionals. Its 5K resolution and wide color gamut, as well as its built-in color calibration engine and native video conferencing support, make it a strong contender in the market. It will be interesting to see how it compares to the Apple Studio Display once pricing and availability are announced.

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