vivo Announces Lucky Winners for Its Ramadan Activity

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Millions of Muslims commemorate Ramadan, the holy month of fasting and prayer. At a time when people all around the world are fasting and praying in the name of Allah, Muslims all over the world are uniting in delight and celebration with their loved ones to pray in unison. vivo, a worldwide technology brand and one of Pakistan’s most popular smartphone brands, treated all its customers to a lovely Ramadan campaign starring Brand Ambassador and Pakistan’s Favorite, Hania Aamir.

She shared her plans for Ramadan in a video produced by vivo. Asked about her Ramadan celebrations, Hania answered all of the questions, including her favorite Sehri item, her first fast, the delicious iftar feast, the joy of celebrating the holiday with family, and all of the good memories have associated with Ramadan. Fans were invited to join in on the festivities marked by generosity, love, and harmony with Hania and Vivo. As part of the vivo’s Ramadan promotion, she encouraged everyone to answer the questions in the video’s comment section for a chance to win unique vivo Ramadan gifts.

vivo Announces Lucky Winners for Its Ramadan ActivityRamadan2022

Vivo’s Ramadan Activity Pays Off – Lucky Winners Announced!

After viewing the video, over 1700 individuals joined the campaign on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. People responded in their unique ways to how they observe Ramadan and what the holy month means to them. In their comments, they all expressed gratitude and affection. Many people discussed their first fast, their favorite sehri and iftar, the delight and blessing of praying to Allah for peace of mind and safety, and the joy and blessing of gathering with family for a magnificent Iftari that draws everyone closer together.


vivo announced the campaign’s winners to mark the campaign’s successful conclusion. An announcement about the winners was made on Facebook. All of the winners received wonderful Ramadan gifts that were unique to them. One of the awardees remarked, “I was barely 4 years old when I first celebrated my first Roza, and since then, my entire family has come together to honor Ramadan.” Daal Roti and Chai were the most popular choices for Iftar. Still, one YouTube user remarked that “after a long day of praying and work, eating freshly cooked supper by mum makes Ramadan particularly unforgettable.” Following the pandemic’s struggles, many people said they and their families prayed for peace and betterment.

The global smartphone brand has long been dedicated to the people of Pakistan, providing various forms of global technology to the country’s youth.


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