Vivo Apex 2019 Maybe First Smartphone with 15ft Wireless Charging Support

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Support for wireless has become an indispensable feature of smartphones. Although this technology frees the users it’s constraints are owned by it. It has to be held on a charging pad today to charge a smartphone, and it’s usually not practical or possible to use the phone while it’s being loaded. The smartphone manufacturer Vivo has entered a deal to create a wireless charging suitable smartphone.

Vivo Apex 2019 Maybe the First Phone with New Wireless Technology

Energous technologies can wireless charge smartphones if it is within 15 feet of the transmitter. It uses radio frequency (RF) to top up the batteries of digital devices, and the current technology would have the ability to control a handset sufficiently quickly when the user stays within the specified range.

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This would allow smartphones to control the atmosphere over. The company revealed last week that it has teamed up with Vivo to explore using its WattUp wireless charging 2.0 technologies, hinting that it could launch with a future Vivo phone.

It might be that the Apex 2019 Even though it isn’t known which Vivo phone will come with this wireless charging technologies. The concept phone was a device with buttons or no ports. It may be a candidate as it doesn’t feature a charging port for supporting the technology.

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Later on, we could see smartphones adopt technology to make devices more easy to control. With the advent of 5G, energy consumption is expected to shoot up, and an over the air’ wireless charging solution can come in handy as it would not require users to hook their telephones into a port or place them on a pad during the charging procedure.

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A lot of phone manufacturers aren’t overutilizing wireless charging because its execution matured and has not appropriately improved. But, we do see a future where you will need to top up the battery using standard ‘hard-wired’ means.

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