vivo confirms upcoming launch of flagship X80 smartphone on May 16, 2022

by Sarah Forst

vivo, the global smartphone brand, announced that it will launch the flagship X series smartphone, the X80, on May 16, 2022. The V1  Chip will be included in the phone and it will be the first of its kind in the world.

The V1+ Chip was explicitly designed for imaging and video applications for the best possible image and video quality. This is the first time that the company has made a significant breakthrough in chip design and independent R&D.

vivo X80 Features the V1 Chip – The Most Advanced Processor Yet

Optimizing smartphone applications is the goal of the Imaging Chip V1+. It will also be equipped with ZEISS optics, with all lenses satisfying the ZEISS T Coating standard. To capture the world in its genuine colors, the feature can help limit light reflection and hence lessen stray light.

The X80‘s ZEISS Professional Video capabilities will also be available to customers. Cinematic Video Bokeh from Zeiss aids in the production of high-quality videos fit for the big screen. In films and photographs, it perfectly reproduces the effects of ZEISS film lenses and provides unique oval flares. The V1+ Chip’s AI Footage Enhancement automatically recognizes and enhances video in the dark.

The Time-Lapse function will reportedly be included in the future gadget. Image quality and dynamic range are improved using video frame extraction, large-range hyper-lapse, and other techniques used in this feature. When the subject is rotating at a particularly athletic moment, the 360° Horizon Leveling Stabilization feature by vivo keeps things stable.

The V1+ Chip is a fully customized integrated circuit chip dedicated to imaging and video applications with leading-edge visual quality. This marks the company’s first breakthrough in independent R&D and chip design. The Imaging Chip V1+ meets user needs by optimizing smartphone application scenarios. Furthermore, the upcoming smartphone will also be empowered by ZEISS Optics, with all lenses meeting ZEISS T Coating standards. The feature can reduce light reflection and reduce stray light to assist capture the world clearly and in true colors.

Mr. Zohair Chohan, Director of Brand Strategy at vivo Pakistan, on the upcoming arrival of vivo X80 in Pakistan said, “We are extremely excited to bring the next X series smartphone to the market because of the smartphone’s professional-grade camera system among other features. Our continued partnership with ZEISS for vivo’s X series smartphones gives the camera system a strategic stamp, given ZEISS’s expertise in optical technology. With each vivo smartphone, that partnership has only elevated through creative technological innovation. The X80 will be no less, to users the smartphone will enhance the ability of professional videography and photography. Another innovation that precedes its reputation is vivo’s V1+ Chip that’ll be a massive addition to vivo achieving professional smartphone photography. We hope that smartphone enthusiasts are equally excited to explore and unfurl the magic of this device.”

Stay tuned to vivo’s social media pages and website for more updates on the upcoming launch of vivo X80.

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