vivo is Redefining Consumer Experience with World-Class Technology

by Adeel Younas

A smartphone purchase involves multiple steps. It requires extensive research before purchasing and maintenance afterward. A company that cares about its customers, like vivo, has tried to make the whole process of using its services easier for its customers by improving its customer service.

Since 2017, vivo has promised its customers in Pakistan that it will offer them the latest technologies and the best services. Vivo wants to enhance and positively impact the lives of its customers. The BENFEN philosophy of doing the right thing and doing the right thing drives this objective.

More Local, More Global

Using its “More Local, More Global” strategy, Vivo has tried to bring advanced technology like 5G, AI, and advanced imaging systems to Pakistani customers so that it can become a bigger part of the Pakistani consumer market.

Vivo has also made sure to include local talent, culture, and customer preferences in its various projects because it knows how important these things are. By investing in establishing a domestic manufacturing facility, Vivo has extended its support to include the nation and its people in addition to the individual consumer.

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Vivo, as a business has a close relationship with its customers. Every effort is made to improve people’s lives, whether by making new products or looking into new technologies.

Customers have consistently supported vivo, demonstrating admiration and enthusiasm for its activities. In Pakistan, a vast offline and online customer service network has been established to increase consumer accessibility. Customers can contact vivo simply from anywhere. Thanks to its almost 9200 retail outlets and 18 specialized service centers, vivo’s services are accessible to all users.

vivo Service Day

Additionally, vivo hosts vivo Service Day on the 21st of every month to give back to its clients. Vivo knows how important it is to take care of smartphones after they are bought, so on this day, clients can get free services like cleaning, disinfecting, system recovery, software upgrades, protective stickers, 1-hour flash fixes, and maintenance.

Vivo provides fast phone support for customers to ensure a seamless customer care experience. Customers can contact customer care at 0800-00111 for device-related questions. The phone line is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., excluding legal holidays. The knowledgeable support staff at vivo is there to help customers with any problem, and they promise to respond within 24 hours.

No expense has been spent to assist clients in fulfilling their requirements by providing prompt responses and ensuring accessibility via Facebook and email inquiries. Additionally, vivo runs regional specials and offers discounts to demonstrate its appreciation for its clients.

vivo’s product development

vivo’s product development has always placed the user at the center of the process to suit consumers’ diverse needs and wishes. Because people have different needs, the Y, V, and X series were made to meet those needs.

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For example, the Y series, which offers a premium smartphone experience at a price that most people can afford, is advertised as the perfect companion for young people. The V series’ great performance and great camera functions, as well as its beautiful ability to change colors, help users with all of their artistic and professional goals.

vivo Camera Technology

vivo is Redefining Consumer Experience with World-Class Technology

The only option for camera technology is the X series, which was made in partnership with ZEISS and has imaging technology similar to that of professional cameras. The X series has great tools for photographers and filmmakers who don’t want to spend much money on camera equipment.

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Vivo’s goal is to use a strategy based on innovation to give smartphone users a better experience and good customer service. Vivo is devoted to developing personal relationships with its consumers and aiding them at every stage.

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