vivo to unveil new OriginOS 3 at Vivo Developer Conference on November 8

by Shumail Ali

vivo, the famous smartphone manufacturer from China, has recently announced that they will be announcing their new operating system, OriginOS 3, at the Vivo Developer Conference on November 8 2022.

vivo announced today that OriginOS 3, the latest edition of their bespoke mobile operating system for smartphones, will be unveiled on November 8th. This was officially confirmed today.

During the Vivo Developer Conference, the company unveiled a teaser poster that verified the November 8 release date for the new OriginOS 3 operating system. Furthermore, it claims that the new operating system will be “more convenient,” though it does not elaborate.

“MORE, close to what you think” is going to be the theme of the Vivo Developer Conference 2022, which is also going to be the place where the new OriginOS will be unveiled. Additionally, the company will have separate sessions for topics such as the IoT ecosystem, artificial intelligence, privacy and security, game ecology, and more.

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Although the features that will be included in the next OriginOS 3 have not been made public, the business has stated that its key focus is on delivering to customers a system experience that is both light and smooth. Additionally, it will offer a variety of new features that are targeted at simplifying the user’s day-to-day activities.

Suppose the timeline for the release of OriginOS Ocean is any indication. In that case, we anticipate that the company will begin rolling out the upgrade shortly after the official announcement, at least for a select few premium flagship handsets, and then gradually spread it out to various other devices. This is something that we expect to happen.


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