Future of Smartphones Innovation is Here with Vivo’s X Fold

by Farhan Yousaf

vivo has unveiled its first foldable smartphone, the vivo X Fold, to a global audience. As a high-end gadget, it’s engineered for performance, ease of use, and a sense of wonder in its users. One of the best folding smartphones on the market right now, it features an array of industry-leading technologies and outperforms in terms of screen crease optimization and hinge durability. Apple’s X Fold ushers in a new era of foldable smartphones with an array of technological advancements, including a more powerful display and CPU.

The vivo X Fold’s screens are excellent both inside and out.

With the vivo X Fold, you get the best of the best when it comes to foldable smartphones. The smartphone’s screen is one of the largest in the business, with an aspect ratio of 21:9 an inner foldable screen of 8.03 inches, and an outer slightly curved screen of 6.53 inches. As the first smartphone to receive DisplayMate A+ certification for 19 performance areas, the vivo X Fold enhances the company’s already impressive display capabilities.

The screen can achieve higher brightness, smoothness, colour consistency, and visual coherence by using 120Hz refresh rate and E5 luminescent material on both inner and outside screens for a good display effect and outstanding power control by using vivo’s unique colour calibration schemes.

Exceptional Performance Using the Most Advanced Technology

A folding phone having dual 3D Ultrasonic fingerprint scanners on both screens is the vivo X Fold. This phone has 3D Ultrasonic Dual Fingerprint sensors that are recognized for providing nearly 100 percent 3D information recognition accuracy and a 38.7 percent unlock speed improvement over standard photoelectric fingerprint sensors, resulting in faster and more accurate unlock.

Future of Smartphones Innovation is Here with Vivo's X Fold

Vivo X Fold has a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU with a proprietary SPU designed utilizing a 4nm MEP process for optimal performance and adaptability. The vivo X Fold features the company’s own Triple Performance Engine, which improves the device’s performance, stability, and power consumption. 4600mAh big capacity battery, 66W dual-cell FlashCharge, 50W wireless FlashCharge, and to 100% in 53 minutes, as well as 10W wireless reverse charging, are all included in the phone’s compact form.

Reinforced Hardware at the Hardware Level to Redefine Efficiency and Experiences

The vivo X Fold’s hardware-level increased protection provides more efficient business experiences and extensive user privacy protection. The specialized SPU in Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is used to implement a full-featured security design on both the hardware and software layers. The Thousand Mirror security architecture ensures chip, core, framework, and application operation security, ensuring total privacy protection in all scenarios. The vivo X Fold is compatible with the Origin OS Ocean system, which provides local storage, private browsing, backend protection, and more interactive user experiences.

Future of Smartphones Innovation is Here with Vivo's X Fold

Additional features include multi-angle hover, hover video calling, and hover video viewing and movement. vivo X Fold Split-screen and small window multitasking options can help free up your hands and increase your productivity. With additional features such as Amber Scan and Quantum Kit, the vivo X Fold is a one-stop-shop for all of your workplace needs.

Exceptional Imaging Capabilities Highlighted by ZEISS Optics’ Flagship

X Fold is a technologically innovative smartphone that also offers industry-leading professional smartphone photography capabilities thanks to ZEISS Optics and ZEISS T*Coating. The ZEISS Quad Camera system, in conjunction with ZEISS Portrait Effects such as ZEISS Natural Color, ZEISS Superb Night Camera, and ZEISS Superb Portrait, combines exceptional lens performance, powerful anti-glare capabilities, and high-resolution sensors to provide stronger light and shadow.
With the waist-level viewfinder (WLVF), rear selfie camera, and Hover Photography Mode, you can try out some new shooting techniques. The Foldable phone shows the photo preview on both screens at the same time, allowing the subject to modify posture and expressions before shooting the photo.

Future of Smartphones Innovation is Here with Vivo's X Fold

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