Warid Customers Will Have to Get their SIMs Replaced

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Jazz is a unified brand of the Mobilink-Warid organizations, the combination of the jazz and Warid companies are now expected after its completion.

Aamir Ibrahim, the CEO of Mobilink, yesterday give a farewell to the old company named Mobilink and published a new name of the company is Jazz.

After combination with the jazz in next few months until all the users of Warid is a move to Jazz network. All Warid users will buy a new SIMs to continue using the (3G or 4G) service.


For the legacy of the SIMs of all Warid users  (old non-4G SIMs), will have to take their SIMs replaced in order to use 3G or 4G services. Although, all the users of  Warid 4G compatible SIMs can still using the same SIMs.

Jazz users still use their old SIMs (for 2G or 3G), however, they can also promote their SIMs if they wish to use 4G services from the company.

After the completion of both jazz and Warid companies combination. The old Warid SIMs cannot be work. so that reason all Warid users with non-4G SIMs will promote their SIMs within the specific time. Jazz tells that it will inform all the Warid users to promote their SIMs.


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