Weekly poll results show: The OnePlus 10 is promising, but it will need glowing reviews

by Ijlala Maqbool
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Weekly poll results show: The OnePlus 10 is promising, but it will need glowing reviews Image Name

Judging by last week’s polls, the OnePlus 10 pro phone will not be coming with any new upgrades, but it is a solid improvement after the OnePlus 9 phone. Fans have become pickier as the selling price of every OnePlus flagship keeps rising slowly. 

The majority of the users considering buying the OnePlus 10 Pro will wait till the reviews are released — and they better be excellent. A smaller but significant number of voters are pleased with what they see thus far and do not expect any surprises.

The performance of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 will be the most exciting aspect of those reviews, but that is a concern for most 2022 Android flagships. The enhancements to the second-generation Hasselblad camera are also worth noting, especially as OnePlus has yet to adopt a periscope lens and has ditched the ultrawide module’s big sensor (but has equipped a much wider lens).

Another primary concern among potential buyers is what would happen to OxygenOS following its merger with ColorOS. After all, one of the major reasons to acquire a OnePlus was OxygenOS.

Because the OnePlus 10 Pro is currently only available in China, most fans will have plenty of time to consider these questions (where it ships with ColorOS). The phone is expected to go global in March, but no official or unofficial pricing information has been released. By then, one or two significant flagship launches will have occurred.

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