What is Discord HypeSquad? – How to Become One!

by Wajeeha Qureshi

In this 3-minute read, you’ll find out what is Discord HypeSquad, how you can join it, and what you’ll get once you do it.

You buy a T-shirt; you love the brand, and you recommend it to everyone out of excitement. You are a gamer; you love Discord. So why not make the world love this 250 million user App too.

You might have accidentally read a chat mentioning HypeSquad while scrolling your feed on a boring day. And you are wondering why you don’t have the slightest idea about what the squad-thing is, causing so much excitement among the community members.

Basically, the Discord Hype squad is a Discord enthusiast community representing the App online and in global events. You need to apply for this, and if you don’t get selected, you should wait until the next time HypeSquad App rolls back around.

what is discord hypesquad

The 3 HypeSquad Houses

Once you become a Discord hype, here comes the sorting. Well, the thing reminds me of Hogwarts houses and that clever hat sorting you where you fit in. Anyways, Discord sorts you into one of the 3 Discord HypeSquad houses, based on your personality. By the way, you might be interested in reading What Discord Spoiler Tag is? And how you can use it to enhance the experience.

The 3 B’s -Discord HypeSquad Brilliance, Bravery, and Balance. There’s not much difference between these houses except that each has a different color and shape of its badge. The real deal is the events; you get access to all events, conventions and get a secret server for yourself.

Discord hypesquad houses

Discord HypeSquad Houses: Brilliance, Bravery, Balance

HypeSquad events versus HypeSquad houses. What’s the difference?

The difference lies in the way people get selected and the requirements as well. For the sorting, the hype members selection is made almost randomly for everyone who applies for it.

However, when it comes to HypeSquad events selection, you get accepted into the program if you are one of the top hypes. So, enthusiasm matters a lot here!

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Perks of being a Discord HypeSquad member

Discord offers lots of interesting goodies and favors for its hypes. There are three tiers:

Online tier in Discord HypeSquad

  • You get a house badge.
discord hypesquad badge

Discord HypeSquad Badge on Your Profile

  • You get a monthly/weekly newsletter in your mailbox.
  • There are house challenges to take part in.
  • You can participate in competitions and get merch giveaways.

Event Attendee tier

  • You get the HypeSquad events badge.
  • You can access the exclusive HypeSquad events server.
  • Goodies like HypeSquad T-shirts, pins, and stickers.
Discord hype squad pin stickers

Discord HypeSquad Pin

  • You can attend events and meet Discord staff.

Event coordinator tier

  • After every 3-months, you get a swag box to distribute at events.

How to apply for Discord HypeSquad?

Let’s hype it up! Follow these simple steps.

  1. Open your Discord Client and log in.
  2. Go to the User Settings.
  3. Click the HypeSquad tab.
  4. Solve a quiz to determine your house. Join the squad!

There are a few limitations, like you can apply if you are at least 13-years old and you must be 16-years old to join the events tier. That’s all you need to know before joining Discord’s HypeSquad.

You can Join the discord hype and share it with the world; while you’re going, Here is an interesting read to Fix No Route Error on Discord.

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