What is Discord Server Banner and Splash Background?

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Discord server banner and splash background are not much sought after features, and except for the verified users, many aren’t aware of the nice little banner and the striking invite splashes in Discord.

Discord Server Banner and Splash Background

Look at the top left side of your screen, and you will see the banner. If you don’t, it means your server hasn’t any access to the feature. For a server to claim access, it must have at least 15 server boosts.

And the bad news is that the boosts are not permanent; they’ll soon wave goodbye, leaving you back at the same spot.

Discord server banner and splash background also sizes

Why is the banner not showing up? I’ll get back to it later in the article. Let’s first check how to upload a server banner and splash background.

How to Set Banner Background?

It’s more than simple.

  1. Just go to User Settings>Overview.
  2. Hit the Upload Banner button
  3. Add your favorite image, and that’s all!
discord server banner background

Discord Banner Image Size Guidelines

Recommended settings for a discord server image include:

  1. It’s best to upload an image with at least 960×540 pixels dimensions and a 16:9 aspect ratio. Discord also helps you resize a larger image on the fly.

2. Ensure the top 48px area of the image is simple so that the server’s name is clear to the users.

discord server banner image sizes

3. Please choose an image that has no text or logo in it.

4. An image that personifies your brand or game will work wonders. It could be background art or stills of a character, etc.

discord banner image size

What is Discord Banner Size? Recommended Size

Discord recommends a profile banner size of 600 x 240 pixels. Its supported file formats are PNG, JPG, or GIF, and the banner file must be under 10 MB. You can also use animated GIFs for fun.

Discord’s server banner requirements differ from those of other backgrounds in-app like Profile. This banner appears above your discord channel. Discord prefers an image size of 960 × 540 pixels with a 16:9 aspect ratio. In case you have a picture that’s 1920 × 1080 pixels, Discord will automatically resize it as you upload it.

How to Set Discord Splash Background?

The discord splash background is the image that shows up when you are using an invite link in the browser. An example is given below:

discord invite splash example

Follow these steps to set the image.

  1. Open Settings>Overview
  2. Hit the Upload Background button
  3. Upload the image
discord server invite splash background

Invite Splash Image Guidelines

These are simple and only two:

  1. The required image size is 1920×1080 pixels.
  2. Avoid the image with text or logo in it.

What if Discord server banner not showing up?

As you see, the banner and invite splash are the options available to the verified users, partners, nitro subscribers, and those at level 2 or 3 only.

So, if you can’t see any banner on the top of your channels list, you might be lacking any ONE of the following sever banner and invite splash requirements:

Server Partnership

Discord provides recognition and extra features to its most engaged servers out there. If you are one of them, you enjoy several plus features, including Nitro, server banner, and splash background.

Server Verification

Verified servers are run by large companies, large games, businesses, or public figures. Discord grants you extra permissions like uploading your favorite cover image as a banner.

Level 2 or 3 Perks

To unlock both features, you must be at level 2 and 3 of the Server Boosting features. It means your server should have at least 15 boosts; and 15 boosts= Level 2 Perks.

For checking how many times the server has boosted, go to the Perks symbol on the top right corner of the screen. And to further boost your server hit the Boost Your server button ($3.49 charges).

When a user boosts a server, he gets a special booster badge and gets some designation. If you have a Discord Nitro subscription, try giving some giveaways from time to time. Some winners might boost your server after receiving the gift.

Why the server banner seems to go for good?

Once you get at or beyond 15 boosts level, you get the option to set your server banner background, that’s for sure. However, later when your boost level drops below 15, sadly, the banner disappears.

And when you again reach level 2 perks, your discord background must show up on its own. However, sometimes the banner doesn’t reappear due to a bug. So, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to Server Settings
  2. Scroll down to Server Banner Settings
  3. Hit the Change Banner button
  4. Reupload your image.

And your server banner will be back.

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