What is Discord Spoiler Tag and How to Use it

by Wajeeha Qureshi

I always hate it when some friend of mine posts an update about what’s coming up next -such spoilers really ruin the suspense. This article is going to provide the quickest way to deal with spoilers by using the Discord spoiler tag.

Discord is a great platform for building connections and sharing whatever you like, but not everything you share interests everyone. It’s better to let people screen out messages they don’t want to see, and fortunately, we have Discord spoiler tags to do that.

Discord Spoiler Tag

A spoiler tag alerts your community members that you have shared a piece of information they might not like to see. A gray box will hide the content at the user’s side and save you from being a suspense spoiler for your friends. Let’s check how to do spoilers on discord.

Add Discord Spoiler Tag to Text Messages

Discord has addressed the spoiler issues raised by a huge lot of Discord users by introducing a superbly easy way of adding spoiler tags with its latest “Mark as spoiler” option. There are different ways to deal with the spoilers, lets dive in a bit deeper and decide what’s the easiest one.

Mark as Spoiler

Discord has made marking spoilers easier than ever. After typing your message, you just need to highlight the content you want to hide, right-click on the highlighted text and choose the “Mark as spoiler” option from the menu. Discord Spoiler Text

Alternatively, you can also click on the eye icon to mark selected text as spoiler which will create a Discord spoiler tag. You will see two vertical bars on each side of the selected content. The other users won’t see this marked text until they click on the “Reveal it” option.

Using Markdown

The markdown formatting feature also lets you hide a specific piece of content in your message. You just need to add two vertical lines on each side of the text you want to hide and the hidden phrase will appear with a grey or black box that blocks out the content.

Type the “Shift+/” command from your keyboard to add these lines. These double lines make sure the text is hidden. The hidden phrase will be visible only to those who click on the phrase to see what it says.

Adding /spoiler

Just type “/spoiler” at the start of your message and send it; this discord spoiler command will add a spoiler tag to your message. The Discord server will display that message as hidden to all recipients until they reveal it themselves.

Hide Spoilers on Mobile

It’s very easy to add a spoiler tag on your Discord messages with your mobile phone. Just add two vertical pipes on both sides of the content you want to hide. These vertical pipes are available on the mobile keyboard, in the symbols section.

If you have Google or Apple keyboard on your phone, click twice on the symbols icon and you will find the bar. For other keyboards, you might need to do some digging but you will find it for sure.

discord how to spoiler

How to View Spoiler Text?

In order to view a Discord spoiler text, all you need to do is tap on it. The message will be revealed with a gray background.

Disable Discord Spoiler Tags

For whatever reason you have, you can disallow the spoiler tag option on the Discord server. Go to User Settings and choose Text & Images. You will see three options in the dropdown menu.

On Click” means the community of your server can click on the spoiler to reveal it. The “On Servers | Moderate” option allows you to control the spoiler on all servers you manage. “Always” option, when chosen, forbids the spoiler tags on the Discord server.

Disable discord spoiler tag

Add Discord Spoiler Tag to Image/Video/Link

After you upload the attachment, tick the “Mark as Spoiler” checkbox and send the attachment. It will be hidden behind the Discord spoiler tags and the users can tap on it to view it.

discord spoiler image

However, this option is available only on Desktop and is not supported on mobile Apps. For hiding a link, all you need to do is to wrap the URL between two vertical bars, two on each side.

That’s it for the spoilers tags in discord and you can utilize it to make your chats more engaging.

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