WhatsApp To Discontinue This Most Used Excellent Feature


The well-known messaging app, Whatsapp has added a new restriction, that probably will hurt you. In the upcoming update, Whatsapp will not allow users to take screenshots of the app.

The effect will prevent you from taking screenshots of chats as well as your contacts’ updated status.

Right now, it is only available for testers in beta version and will be live with some other changes very soon.

Unfortunately, a lot of users do not have any information about the removal of this amazing facility.

It is to be noted that this feature is only available in beta version as it is in the testing phase.

This feature will provide an option to the users to prevent their contacts from taking screenshots of status updates and private chats as well.

According to the reports, the main purpose of this feature is to give better privacy protection to its users. As most of the blackmailers take screenshots and blackmails a particular contact for some reason.

Moreover, Snapchat is also planning to introduce this feature for enhancing privacy protection. However, Instagram is also working to help users in identifying those who have taken screenshots via a notification feature.

The social media giant, Facebook is also providing “Privacy Shield” feature to help users in preventing others from taking screenshots.

Whatsapp hopes, with this feature it can get the confidence of its users by simply limiting the access of third parties to important personal information.

Apparently, a lot of users from your contact take screenshots of your status or chat and share it with others without your consent.

Whatsapp has shortened the communication gap between friends and family even if they are sitting thousands of miles away from each other. It helps you in doing voice calls as well as video calls with your relatives.


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