WhatsApp update fixes offline problems for iPhone users

by Muhammad Irfan Raza

Whatsapp is making a new update for iPhone users, through which they will be able to queue up messages even if they do not have an internet connection.

Earlier than this, iPhone users have to get web access before they can be able to send messages on Whatsapp, previously, green send button was available after web access. Apparently, the app will automatically send messages to the recipients as soon as the device so have a valid internet connection.

Android users are already enjoying the feature, and the feature comes in handy during train and tube journeys, when signals can be erratic.

Google has recently made updates its search app involves a similar approach, saves the users’ query if you have a poor internet connection and then provide results when you have a good connection.

Whatsapp 2.17.1 versions’ update also includes storage management and file sharing improvements too.

Photo, audio and video sharing size on the app has also been increased from 10 files to 30 files as it was introduced on Android and users can also manage storage on a conversation-by-conversation level.

Follow the steps in order to check the storage:

Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage will take you to a screen that shows exactly how much space each of your chats takes up.

From there, you can easily remove the unwanted things according to your choice and you can also filter your chats to get rid of specific file types such as videos, voice messages, pictures, documents, contracts, and locations.

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