Why the Samsung S95D 2024 Might Just Be Your Next Big Purchase

by Adeel Younas
Samsung S95D 2024

Samsung makes a striking entrance in CES 2024 with its latest OLED television, the S95D. Building upon the acclaimed S95C model from the previous year, the S95D is already garnering attention with its promise of enhanced brightness and an innovative anti-reflection screen.

Release Date and Pricing Speculations

While official details remain sparse, expectations are set for the S95D’s release, with assumptions pointing to early Spring 2024. This forecast is in line with the previous launch cycle of the S95C, which debuted in March 2023 following its announcement at CES 2023.

Predicting the S95D’s price remains a guessing game, but projections are rooted in the S95C’s initial offering. Below is a look at the possible price range for the S95D based on last year’s figures:

Size Expected Price Range
55-inch £2,399 / $2,499 / AU$3,999
65-inch £3,599 / $3,299 / AU$4,999
77-inch £5,099 / $4,499 / AU$7,999

Factors such as the addition of an anti-glare screen could sway these prices upward, reflecting the costs invested in countering one of the major caveats OLEDs have faced: screen reflection.

For budget-conscious consumers, the Samsung S90D offers a cost-effective alternative, albeit without the S95D’s anti-reflection technology.

OLED Glare Free Technology

The ‘OLED Glare Free’ screen is a first for Samsung, potentially revolutionizing the viewing experience by dramatically reducing reflection. This feature is a bold response to one of the prevalent issues with traditional OLED TVs, making the S95D a highly anticipated product for those seeking an immersive viewing experience irrespective of room lighting.


Originally, Samsung’s QD-OLEDs for 2024 were projected to be 20% brighter than their predecessors. However, a recent press release has unleashed a wave of excitement, with Samsung hinting at a breakthrough panel that can reach an 3,000 nits peak brightness. If the S95D inherits this panel, it could become the brightest OLED TV to date.

Updated Game Bar 4.0

Gaming enthusiasts have much to rejoice about with the new AI Auto Mode integrated into the updated Game Bar 4.0. Through AI technology, the S95D can fine-tune its settings to complement different game genres, enhancing the gaming experience.

Accompanying this feature are favorites from the S95C, including 4K 144Hz gameplay, support for AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, and the inclusion of four HDMI 2.1 ports.

The Samsung S95D Experience

Echoing the audio performance of its predecessor, the S95D will also inherit the 4.2.2 channel speaker configuration. Included in the design is Samsung’s Slim One Connect Box, a sleek external hub that simplifies device connection and cable management.

A Size for Every Preference

Ensuring there’s a perfect match for different preferences and spaces, the S95D will be available in three sizes: 55, 65, and 77 inches.

Dolby Vision: The Missing Piece

Despite the plethora of features, Samsung maintains its course without Dolby Vision support. The TV does, however, continue to support HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG formats.

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