Windows 10 will get a built-in Linux kernel this summer

Windows 10 Linux Kernel

All of a sudden, Microsoft and Linux are going to strengthen their relationship and have planned to take one more step forward.

In a blog post, the tech giant, Microsoft has announced that it is willing to introduce the entire Linux Kernel in Windows 10 very soon.

At the end of June, the company is determined to introduce it in its Insider preview program for testing. Therefore, it will provide support for a new subsystem of Windows for Linux 2.

Microsoft claims that this is not its first time release of a Linux Kernel. The company has already released it on Azure Sphere last year.

However, it is for the first time, the tech giant is releasing Linux Kernel on Windows. The replacement of this switch with the current emulator will speed up the performance.

This replacement may faster the bootup process and might use memory efficiently. Users can use it either by sideloading or by installing a distribution fro the company’s store.

Moreover, the kernel will open source itself along with instructions. These instructions will allow you to create your own.

The company has promised that the changes it is making will be available to all other users as well.

Recently, the company proclaims that it is launching a new version of Windows Terminal Command line app. And, this news might be a sequence of that app.


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