Windows preview brings Android notifications to your PC

Microsoft Windows

Social networking company, Microsoft has accomplished its one of greatest project entitling as Your Phone software. Apparently, the company has been planning to do some more experiments.

Recently, Microsoft’ developers have revealed a Windows Insider Preview. in a preview, Android notifications are displayed on your PC.

If you allowed numerous applications to show you alerts, you can see messages and alerts on your PC.

Therefore, You will not require access to your handset, you can directly see alerts on PC. Moreover, you will have permission to dismiss all notification or single notification at once.

Notifications and messages, cleared from your PC, will also be cleared from your phone as well.

Apparently, this feature is available on Windows Insiders having minimum build version 1803 (RS4).

Additionally, you will be requiring a running Android 7.0 Nougat or upgraded version along with 1GB of RAM.

However, you cannot be able to respond to notifications and it is really helpful for apps like Snapchat, which are not desktop applications.


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