WinX MediaTrans Review – An iTunes alternative for Windows

by Adeel Younas
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MediaTrans Review

If you are reading this most probably, you own an iPhone or a willing to buy one. iPhone for sure is among best smartphones every year, but there are some scenarios when we think maybe Android-based smartphones are better than iPhone. The most common problem we face using an iPhone is transferring data between an iPhone and a PC. Well, there is one solution provided by the company that is known as iTunes, and it works well with Mac, but when it comes to Windows it is slow software. There is an alternative to iTunes for Windows, and that is WinX MediaTrans.

WinX MediaTrans Review

I am going to review it in this post, there would also be a WinX MediaTrans Video review coming soon.


WinX MediaTrans Features

  • Remove DRM, decode & sync movies, music, and audiobooks from iTunes.
  • Support Intel QSV & Nvidia NVENC hardware acceleration. Super fast.
  • Transfer photo, video, music, iBook, voice memos, iTunes U, Podcast, etc.
  • Easily manage iPhone music. Add, edit, delete playlists & songs.
  • Auto converts iOS-unsupported video/music in batch or separately.
  • Create iPhone ringtones by waveform cropping for your iPhone.
  • Convert EPUB to PDF/TXT/HTML ebook while exporting iBooks.
  • Turn iPhone to free USB. Never worry about forgetting to bring USB drive

Photo Transfer

They claim Super fast loading and moving speed. 8 seconds to transfer 100 4k pictures. Well, I’ve managed to transfer eight images (with each image having a size of 6000*4000px and around 15MB of size) in 45 seconds. It also provides functionality to Export photos to the computer by day/month/year. 

Video Transfer

It has powerful video transfer tool for sure; it will automatically provide an option to convert it before transferring it to iPhone. Automatically reducing video size (large videos only) without losing quality is yet another feature worth mentioning. If you have purchased a movie from iTunes MagicTrans provides functionality for decoding it so that it can be played on other devices based on Android and Windows.

Music Transfer

It offers multiple options for your music preferences to organize playlist for iPhone music, create, edit, delete and also rebuild playlists. By removing DRM from iTunes music (music you’ve bought), you can play it on other devices and also it will automatically convert several types of music files to MP3/AAC format.


iBook Manage

MediaTrans provides a feature for transferring your PDF, ePub and also MP3 audiobooks between iPhone iPad and computer. It will convert ePUB books to PDF, TXT, HTML ebooks if there is need to be converted. Bypassing DRM from iTunes audiobooks is another feature like it mentioned for Video above you can transfer and play those audiobooks on other devices.


Voice & Ringtone Manage

If you are looking to make a Ringtone of your own choice from Songs you have on iPhone you can easily do it by cropping at Music Manager. Not just that you can backup, Export your voice memos from iPhone to the computer.

Flash Drive

If you short of a USB and there are some important documents that you have to deliver for your project MediaTrans provides an option to turn your iPhone into a flash drive not just that it will be much secure compared to your standard flash drive.

I hope that know you have the idea How much help WinX MediaTrans could be for your iPhone management especially if you are a Windows PC owner. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below.


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