Xbox Series S 1TB Model Revealed at $349

by Sarah Forst
Xbox Series S 1TB Model Revealed at $349

In an exciting announcement at the Xbox Showcase, Microsoft unveiled an upgraded version of the Xbox Series S. The new model not only doubles the onboard SSD capacity, but also comes with a sleek Carbon Black finish. Priced at $349, the updated Xbox Series S Carbon Black SKU provides gamers with approximately 500GB of additional PCIe 4.0 SSD for $50 premium. However, it’s important to note that the advertised 1TB capacity is subject to formatting. This typically reduces available storage to around 931GB.

Xbox Series S 1TB Performance Remains Same

While the new edition maintains the same specs, including 4TFLOPs of GPU performance on the 7nm+ SoC and 20 CUs of RDNA Navi 2.0 performance, it is worth noting that it comes with more limited performance compared to its higher-end counterpart.


With 10GB of GDDR6 RAM running at a slower rate, the Series S can run games at 1080p – 1440p resolution. It can deliver a smooth gaming experience at 60-120FPS with variable dynamic performance.

As today’s games continue to take up significant storage space, it is important to consider additional storage options. I recommend you checking out the SSDs Tier List for the best SSDs for increasing storage.

For those interested in the Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, assures gamers that the company has ramped up production to ensure a more plentiful supply of Series X units in the near future.

Xbox Series S 1TB Release Date and Price

Pre-orders for the Xbox Series S 1TB Carbon Black model are now available for $349.99. The shipments scheduled to begin on September 1.

This release is perfectly timed with the highly anticipated launch of Starfield, as Microsoft has pointed out. Gamers can look forward to an enhanced gaming experience with increased storage capacity when the Xbox Series S 1TB Carbon Black model arrives.

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