Xiaomi Just Launched A New Version Of Poco Launcher – DOWNLOAD NOW


You all may know that POCO launcher was developed and released with the Pocophone F1 Smartphone.

The smartphone was having its own User Interface(UI). It is categorized as one of the major differences that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer introduced as compared to its competitors.

Apparently, it is reported that Xiaomi has already developed the POCO launcher 2.0. Moreover, this launcher is available on the Google Play Store for almost every compatible Smartphone.

Despite being free of cost, it even does not waste your time. Obviously, you can use the launcher on your smartphone.

As a matter of fact, the tech manufacturer has planned to revamp the entire applications just to make it more competitive.

The new version of POCO launcher contains smoother animations, improved design, transitions and it is even more consistent.

In short, the launcher is more attractive as compared to its previous version. The new version of the POCO launcher is named as POCO launcher 2.0.

Moreover, it is available for everyone, who wants to make some customization in their Android smartphones.

With the use of POCO launcher 2.0, you can revamp the design and give it a newer look.

The best thing about this launcher is that you will not have to pay for testing its design.

If we talk about other salient features of POCO launcher 2.0, the manufacturer has introduced numerous new improvements.

However, there is no major change in the design of launcher. The improvements are done just to make this product more efficient as well as smoother.

Therefore, the latest POCO launcher 2.0 is, even more, faster and stable. It is really easy to install this product.

This product contains most demanding features as it allows you to select the dark theme, which helps you in activating the dark theme.

However, the clear theme is activated by default. It is to notify you that the dark mode helps you in reducing the pressure on your eyes.

Moreover, the dark mode also reduces the pressure on OLED screens. Nowadays, the dark mode becomes a standard for every manufacturer. The dark mode is also added in the latest versions of the Android Q and iOS 13.


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