Yellostone Became Tecno Mobile’s Distribution Partner to Improve Distribution

TECNO Mobile is one of a leading mobile company that has been delivering to the market one of the best mobile phones and currently TECNO Mobile is collaborating with Yellostone which will be now its official distributor. The main aim of this collaboration is to increase the penetration of gadgets from TECNO Mobile in the Pakistani market. Previously, TECNO had United Mobile as its distributor but now along with that Yellowstone will also be distributing its products throughout Pakistan.

The collaboration of the TECNO Mobile and Yellostone will prove to be beneficial for the two parties as this will increase the demand and supply of the gadgets, and at the same time, the success of the recognition of the two names will also take the lead among the increased customer base. Yellostone is a dynamic and a leading distribution company all over Pakistan and has performed very well in the previous years with its sheer ability to deliver some of the great and well-known brands.

“TECNO Mobile has always pushed itself to bring about the most enchanting ways of catching the eyes of customers. This time besides focusing on the standards of our devices, we are going to do something new for our customers, i.e., we are going to collaborate with one of the leading distribution companies in Pakistan, Yellostone. ” Stephen Ha, the General Manager of TECNO Mobile Pakistan said while announcing the venture. He further added that we are focused and determined to mold this alliance into a more stronghold that will encompass all the core values and norms of TECNO.

 Farid Ullah Jan, the CEO of Yellostone said that this venture is going to change the way distribution networks work here in Pakistan. We, at Yellostone, will make sure to work closely with TECNO Mobile to make these beautiful products available across the country at all possible markets for our esteemed customers and also work closely with the trade to have smooth product flow. At the same time exceeding the service expectations of our customers and sellers in this highly competitive market. As a partner of TECNO Mobile, we are dedicated to becoming an excellent company front for the customers of TECNO Mobile. This partnership is undoubtedly going to have vital footprints in the years to come and will add to the market share of both TECNO Mobile and Yellostone.

The primary purpose of bringing about this collaboration is to purchase TECNO Mobile available all over Pakistan. The more these gadgets would be accessible the more will be the sales of them and therefore to bring about an increase in the sales the collaboration will be a good move in the league.


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