YouTube begins isolating offensive videos this week

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Back in June, Google declared that it may begin detaching YouTube videos that do not directly violate standards of Youtube but features some or more “controversial religious or supremacist content.”.

From this week, Google will start its plans about isolating YouTube videos.According to new rules, those videos which are having content that falls into this category won’t be able to operate ads and its publishers won’t be able to make money off the content.

Moreover, YouTube will not add these videos in any recommendations or will not allow them to be played when encapsulated in other websites and a warning screen will be popped up before they play.


The restrictions are expected to curtail engagement and reduce videos’ range.Google has also included a Redirect Method that advances users searching for particular Keyboards to videos that restrict violated contents.

The company is also making use of machine learning videos detection for identifying and removing contents that outrage YouTube’s policies.

All those posts that violate policy will receive a note from the company and the content publishers will have the right to appeal the decision if they think that restrictions are not fair.


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