YouTube Gets a New Look With Multiple Features

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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YouTube Gets a New Look

Google along with Youtube has been planning to give a new shape and design to their mobile and desktop apps. Latterly, YouTube is now determined to restyle its logo and make a new meaningful logo.

Head of YouTube’s art department, Christopher Bettig expressed his thoughts about previous YouTube logo, “We have the word tube in a tube. This is weird. No one knows what this is”

In order to make improvements, the online video streaming service has launched a new logo, which is featuring a play button on top of which, there is a red outline of CRT TV, a part of the new look.


In the new look, the icon is located on the top left corner of the website. Apparently, the company has decided to take few more days to unveil it globally.

Following are the Mobile App changes that have been made by the company :

  • Navigation Tabs, new Library, and Account sections are renewed.
  • Now, the users can be able to speed up and slow down playback on the Mobile App, which was only available in the desktop version.
  • Additionally, a row recommending videos of your concern has also been added to the Mobile App.

Here are the following changes made by the company in the desktop version.

  • The desktop redesign that was introduced in May is now defaulted instead of an opt-in beta.
  • The design will also accommodate access to the dark theme, which will automatically enlarge the video area.

Mr. Bronstein, product manager of YouTube said:

“We’re trying to create a common language across all our apps, to use design to give them an element of consistency. We are always striving to make it feel more human”,


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