YouTube is available for the Nintendo Switch

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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YouTube is available for the Nintendo Switch Image Name

After so long, YouTube has decided to make its latest version available for the Switch. As most of the users expected that they can be able to watch videos on their Nintendo’s console either it is docked to your Tv or in the handled mode.

For watching videos, the users need to use Joy Cons for various tasks but they need to use right Joy-Cons’s analog stick for controlling 360-degree videos.

Through this, users won’t have to spin the 360-degree short in order to view every angle of that particular clip.

Obviously, Switch is not an ideal YouTube machine which is featuring 6.2 inch 720p screen and 1080p output on TVs.

As Switch is not featuring staples just like Netflix, so we cannot name it as a perfect streaming media device, so far, Hulu can be categorized as perfect video streaming option.

Indeed, it is a good step taken by the company to spread diversify more and new contents on the Switch.

It is particularly good enough for those kids, who are not allowed to have a phone or table to watch their favorite channels.

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