YouTube is reportedly paying creators to promote new features

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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YouTube Gets a New Look

Today it is reported that one of the top video streaming services, YouTube has been paying its top creators up to six figures to promote and use features like pinned comments in chat and subscriptions.

The report does not clarify the names of those creators but identified the sums that are involved.

 Some creators seem to be unhappy about the limited methods through which they are able to earn a living from YouTube.

Many YouTubers are worried that ads on their videos might disappear even when they do a small mistake.

Its rivals including Instagram, Facebook and others have tried numerous times to attract big names, but the video streaming service has a history of paying up its biggest name to keep YouTube more attractive and active.

For keeping its creators happy, YouTube has added more ways for allowing its creators to make more money such as a merch program.

The merch program feature allows creator’s viewers to pay for having their comment pinned at top of a live video chat and making Twitch-style paid membership features available all around the world.

The strategy of paying top creators for promoting such features will attract other creators to use these features for boosting their earnings. These features even allow YouTube to increase its revenues.

Meanwhile, the company does not restrict its top creators to keep their content exclusive to YouTube only. According to new contracts,  Creators can post their content elsewhere, as long as they upload their content to YouTube first.

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