YouTube is testing Smart Downloads on its Android app

by Ijlala Maqbool
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Youtube Music already has a smart download option in which the app automatically downloads music (as per the user’s preferences/interests} via WiFi in order to conserve the user’s mobile data, so the user could stream music while not connected with the WiFi. 

This smart download feature is reportedly coming to the Android Youtube app in which the app will automatically download 20 Youtube videos (as per the user’s preferences/interests} via WiFi to be streamed when offline. 

For now, this feature is only being tested upon a few users from Europe, where users received a prompt on their Android devices to test the new smart download feature on their Youtube app. The app will download 20 videos every week while connected to the WiFi for the users who took up this testing.

As mentioned above, this app will work on the algorithm that takes the user’s viewing preferences, their history, and genres that they like to watch into account when downloading videos on the phone. You can enable this feature via Youtube > Settings > Try new features > Try it out. This smart download feature is only available to Youtube Premium users.

The app will always notify you if there is enough space in your device to download these videos, so you can manually make space for the videos if you want. 

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