YouTube on Android TV plays catch-up with new design, auto-play controls


Android TV can’t be able to get more fame at Google I/O, but it is still alive in the minds of people.

Google has aimed to roll out a new update to YouTube app on its Android TV platform, carrying an interface on criteria that will be available on smart TVs for a while now.

A month ago, the app also gets a new outlook on Panasonic Viera TV, for an instance, the most important change is a renewed interface which makes it more clear when an item is selected.

However, it seems like a drowsy, but it is most important and handy change. A bit change in the video player and search UIs make the app more user-friendly.

There is an influential update to how Android TC Youtube app manages auto-play. Before the next video started, the app automatically suggests the video based on your previous watching.

A 5 mins buffer will start, which will allow you to choose any recommended videos on your choice or you can pause playback before the next video starts.

This update will also consist of auto-play button which you can turn on or off in settings menu as like you do on YouTube app. The update is yet to be released officially, but if you want, you can download the APK from here.