YouTube Premium Users Beware: The Ad Challenge You Didn’t See Coming

by Jack Prosser
YouTube Premium Ads

YouTube’s recent crackdown on ad blockers has left some Premium subscribers surprised as ads continue to make their way onto their screens. Despite promises of an ad-free experience, a recent discovery has shed light on the nuances of YouTube Premium’s advertising policy.

Exploring YouTube’s Premium Experience:

YouTube Premium is advertised as offering an “interruption-free” experience. However, the actual experience is nuanced. It eliminates ads that usually appear before or after a video, as well as overlay ads, third-party banner ads, and search ads. However, a Reddit post has surfaced, highlighting that certain ads still manage to slip through the Premium barrier.

YouTube’s Explanation:

According to YouTube’s support page, Premium subscribers may still encounter branding or promotions embedded in the content by the creator. This includes promotional links, shelves, and features in and around the content that are added or enabled by the creator for purposes such as website promotion, merchandise, channel membership, event tickets, or other related destinations.

What Users and Creators Has to Say

The Reddit discussion revolves around users’ frustration and dissatisfaction with YouTube Premium showing ads despite being a paid subscription service. Many users express disappointment at the idea of paying for a service that was initially ad-free and now includes advertisements. Some users suggest alternative browsers like Brave, while others discuss using ad-blockers such as uBlock Origin.

youtube premium ads


“As a dedicated content creator and active participant in the YouTube community, I find YouTube’s recent crackdown on ad blockers and the nuances surrounding YouTube Premium’s ad-free experience both intriguing and concerning. While I appreciate the platform’s efforts to address ad-blocking challenges, it’s disheartening to learn that despite subscribing to YouTube Premium, some ads may still find their way to viewers. Transparency is crucial in fostering trust between users and the platform, and it’s imperative that YouTube ensures clear communication about the limitations of its Premium subscription. As a creator, I understand the need for branding and promotional elements within content, but striking a balance between providing creators with opportunities and delivering on the promise of an uninterrupted viewing experience for subscribers is paramount. YouTube should prioritize refining its approach to maintain a harmonious relationship with both users and creators in the ever-evolving landscape of online content consumption.” Adeel Younas a tech creator on the platoform said upon reaching out.

YouTube’s approach to these ads differs from traditional formats, making conventional ad blockers ineffective. The platform has faced scrutiny for its practices in detecting ad blockers, leading to an ongoing discussion about user expectations and the actual scope of ad-free experiences under a Premium subscription.

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