YouTube wants you to translate video descriptions


Since 2015, Youtube is haveing community sourced subtitles, but the users can only find the videos having subtitles if they are in the first place in search. But, previously there is no option available to label the videos but not you got the chance to do so.

Now, the company has expanded its community contribution and allowed users to translate the video titles and description not only the caption. Therefore, the users can change the language of the video without asking the creator.

These users powered tools will help the company to expand its network in more far areas. Apparently, there are 76 languages as supported by Youtube, but all those languages group isolates from each other.

For example, if you are known to Urdu only, then you will not search for the contents in Korean. If this feature works good in future, then the users will only get only those videos which belong to their native tongue.