YouTube will stop showing the suggested video links you didn’t click

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
Published: Last Updated on

Today, Youtube proclaimed that it is going to eliminate video suggestion that pop-ups on the screen when a current video of that channels ends.

Surely, all video creators or channel owners will be upset as the company planned to remove promotional videos, playlists or live stream through in video notifications from December 14th.`

And, the company does know that hardly few users are clicking on them. Ratio says that 1 out of 20 users click on them and many of those links lead users to dead live streams and users find them spam.

According to the company, removing these features will not cause any serious problems. However, Card and end screen video links have been found more effective.

As from the company’s point of view, for the third party links, it needs you to use channels pages, video descriptions or even your channel at work.

The company said that it will remove in-video notifications, which can lead to any unwanted moment in videos where presenters will try to pop-up something that does not exist. However, it is good news for YouTube fans as they are not going to see these spammy links from now.

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