YouTubers join their hands together to plant 20 million trees

By planting 20 million trees, almost 600 YouTubers are planning to make the biggest fundraising challenge of raising $20 million.

YouTubers came together to plant 20 million trees

Youtube favourite stunt man philanthropist name as Jimmy “Mr.Beast” Donaldson organise the fundraising efforts. He contributed huge sums of money on it. Due to some causes many YouTubers such as Mark Rober(8.7M subscribers), Rhett & Link (4.5M), Marshmello  (40.2M), iJustine (6.1M), Marques Brownlee (9.5M),The Slow Mo Guys  (13M), Ninja (22.4M),Simone Giertz  (1.9M), Jackespticeye (22.9M), Smarter Every Day(7.3M), and many more granting their channels. Youtubers those are interested then Donald invited them to join in.

With the help of leadership hashtag, “Team Tree” YouTubers will begin posting videos this afternoon and will ask from the viewers to give away to the cause. The company confirmed that the youtube would cover all dealing fee made on the platform for donation. The primary purpose of all this is to make plenty of fundraising videos on youtube as possible make try to place many videos related to climate weather on this platform. As well as dominate the people recommendations and homepage.

Fans of Donaldson suggested that to celebrate reaching 20 million subscribers, they planted 20 million trees. They suggested it on YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter in May 2019.  Donaldson has built his YouTube career in this type of challenge. It also takes part in the challenge. It all resulted in tens of millions of people watching his videos. Donald and his friend try to see how many plants then can grow by themselves. It results in 300 plants.

In a private video for YouTubers, seen by The Verge  Donaldson, said: “We want to show that YouTube isn’t just a drama fest”. We can make real changes which influence it.

Arbor Day Foundation, which is the non-profit foundation which is dedicated to planting and nurturing trees Donaldson teamed up with this. They launch #TeamTrees challenge. At 2022 Arbor Day Foundation itself trying to its tree-planting challenging and set their goal of planting 100 trees.

A former NASA engineer Mark Rober said that “We know that 20 million trees aren’t going to cure climate change”. It is also noted in the  private planning video that YouTuber involved in the event.“But the point here is to end the decade on a super strong note. It’s a constructive way to send a message to the politicians that it’s freaking time to do something about climate change.”

According to an FAQ, Trees will start to be planted in January 2020 for the project. The main aim is to have all 20 million trees planted “no later than December 2022.” The Arbor Day Foundation “always emphasises native planting species where local conditions and forest plans allow” is also stated in the FAQ. It means that with the help of this foundation around the United States, many of the trees will be planted in National Parks and also plants internationally.

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