Zong Internet Packages 3G & 4G – Daily, Weekly, Monthly and PostPaid

Zong Internet Packages
Zong Internet Packages

It is a journey of remarkable progress and growth, from being the 5th and smallest operator in 2008 to being the No.1 data telecom operator in a matter of 9 years is nothing but incredible. Zong has been providing fast and reliable  Zong Internet Packages to its customers in Pakistan.

The Zong is the largest 4G operator in the country as a result of ownership, research, and investment of China Mobile which is 4th largest telecom operator in the world. China Mobile has invested $2.5 billion for the growth of Zong. The results of investment are astonishing and made Zong No 1 in a short period of time.

Zong Internet Packages 2019 Latest and Updated

3G users for Zong have been reduced to 8.64 million by the end of last month as compared to 8.674 million reviewed by the end of May 2017. But, there is an increase in the 4G users of Zong, the numbers jumped from 3,823,877 by end May to 4,041,766 by the end of June 2017. Zong has more than 4.04 Million 4G customers, the highest in the industry, with a significant 75% share in 4G and the second largest number of 3G and 4G customers in Pakistan.

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To help customers who are looking for Zong 3G Packages we’ve arranged and listed all of Zong internet packages below with Subscription, Data, Limit and Other necessary details. Check and Select Zong Internet Package which suits your needs; these Zong 4G Packages and Zong 3G Packages are available for 2G, 3G, and 4G consumers.

Zong Daily Internet Packages

There are 3 Zong Net Packages available for daily subscriptions Daily Basic, and Daily Premium – details mentioned below

Type Price Volume How to Subscribe
Daily Basic Rs. 15 100 MB Dial *6464#
Daily Premium Rs. 35 500 MB Dial *6464#
Zong Day Time (4am to 4pm) Rs. 12 1GB SMS “dto” to 6464

Zong Night Internet Packages

The company is providing only one internet package for night GN (Good Night) package details mentioned below

Type Price Volume How to Subscribe
GN (1am to 9am) Rs. 15 2.5GB SMS “gno” to 6464

How to unsubscribe this offer?

SMS “unsub gno” to 6464

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Zong provides four Weekly Internet packages to its consumer’s details of packages is mention below including Price, Volume and How to Subscribe.

Type Price Volume How to Subscribe
Super Weekly Rs. 120 2.5GB Dial *6464#
Super Weekly Plus Rs. 160 5GB Dial *6464#
Mega Weekly Max Rs. 200 10GB Dial *6464#
  • To check remaining data: dial *102#

Zong Shandaar Weekly Package

Type Price Volume How to Subscribe
Zong Shandaar Weekly Rs. 75 350 dial *7#
Additional 1000 On-Net Minutes 50 Off-Net Minute 1000

SMS to All Networks

  • To check remaining data: dial *102#

Zong Internet Packages Monthly

Five Zong Net Packages for monthly internet subscribers provided by Zong ranging from 150Mb to 10GB – details mentioned below

Type Price Volume How to Subscribe
Monthly Mini 150 Rs. 50 150MB Dial *6464#
Monthly Basic 500 Rs. 150 500MB Dial *6464#
Monthly Premium 3 GB Rs. 300 2GB Dial *6464#
Monthly Premium 12 GB Rs. 750 12GB/month + 1GB every night from 1AM to 9AM Dial *6464#
  • To check remaining data: dial *102#

Zong IMO Package Monthly

Zong IMO monthly details mentioned below

Type Price Volume How to Subscribe
IMO Package Rs. 20 2GB Dial *6464#

Zong Prepaid All-in-1 internet Package

Zong has offered different All-in-one internet packages to meet the requirement of each individual. Every package comes with Zong to Zong free minutes, other networks free minutes, a different number of SMS messages and Mobile Internet Data. Following are the details of 4 All-in-one internet packages offered by Zong.

Price Price Volume Other Incentives
All-In-1 Daily Rs. 20 40 MB 40 Mins(on-net), 4 Mins(off-net), 400 SMS
Haftawar Load Offer Rs. 250 1500 MB 1500 Mins(on-net), 100 Mins(off-net), 1500 SMS
All-In-1 Weekly Rs. 150 500 MB 500 Mins(on-net), 40 Mins(off-net), 500 SMS
All-In-1 Monthly Rs. 500 1500 MB 1500 Mins(on-net), 150 Mins(off-net), 1500 SMS
  • Dial *6464# then press 4.

Zong Postpaid Internet Packages

Other than Prepaid Internet Packages, Zong also offers a number of Zong Postpaid Internet Packages to its postpaid customers. The Zong Net Packages for postpaid users are mention below.

Bucket Name Price Volume Validity Activation
Monthly Mini – 150 MB Rs.50 150 MB Till End of Billing Cycle *567#
Monthly Basic – 500 MB Rs.150 500 MB Till End of Billing Cycle *567#
Monthly Premium – 1GB Rs.250 1 GB Till End of Billing Cycle *567#
Monthly Premium – 2GB Rs.350 2 GB Till End of Billing Cycle *567#
Monthly Premium – 4GB Rs.500 4 GB Till End of Billing Cycle *567#
Monthly Premium – 10GB Rs.1800 10 GB Till End of Billing Cycle *567#
Monthly Premium Plus- 20 GB Rs.3500 20 GB Till End of Billing Cycle *567#
Basic Add on Rs.10 100 MB Till End of Billing Cycle *567#

Zong Free Package for Facebook

Facebook Flex is the unique feature that allows ZONG users to stay connected with Facebook even with zero balance. Flex feature allows users to switch between DATA mode and FREE mode of Facebook.

Zong users can enjoy Facebook even without balance by switching to the FREE mode, in which they will be able to post statuses, likes, comments, chat, check-ins, send friend requests.

Free Mode:

Zong users can enjoy Facebook even without balance by switching to the FREE mode, in which they will be able to post statuses, likes, comments, chat, check-ins, send friend requests.

Data Mode:

To view rich content such as videos, HD photos, and external links, customers can switch to DATA mode, and they will be charged as per their data plan.

Zong Super Student Bundle

Zong Super Student package is one of specially designed zong internet packages to meet the needs of students considering its price and data volume because sometimes students need to make an assignment or need to stay connected with family or classmates in the campus so this package is best suited for students.

Bundle Price Volume Validity
Super Student Bundle Rs. 5 + tax 30 MB 2 hours

Zong Social Internet Bundle

The Zong also provides zong internet packages for social media enthusiasts, and these packages are valid only for one day with price ranging from Rs 2 to Rs 10 – details mentioned below

Type Price Volume Validity
Social Pack (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter) Rs. 10 100MB 1 Day
Classified Pack (Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, PakWheels & Carmudi) Rs. 5 50MB 1 Day
Facebook Daily Rs. 5 50MB 1 Day
Whatsapp Daily Rs. 15 300MB 1 Day
Twitter Daily Rs. 2 20MB 1 Day
  • To check remaining data dial *102#
  • In case of using the internet without any data bundle subscription, a default rate of Rs. 4/MB will be charged.

Zong 4G Internet SIM Packages

Zong is offering 4G internet SIM and many internet bundles along with it. These SIMs are ready to use so all you have to do is to insert your Zong 4G internet SIM in the phone and start using it. These SIMs are available at your nearest Zong CC Centers and Franchises. Enjoy the blazing fast internet speed with Zong 4G Internet SIM Bundles.

Bundle Volume (GB) Price Validity
3GB – 1 Month Bundle 3 500 1 Month
10GB – 1 Month Bundle 10 800 1 Month
24GB – 1 Month Bundle 24 1500 1 Month
50GB – 1 Month Bundle 50 2500 1 Month
3 Month Bundle 3GB/Month 1,000 3 Months
3 Month Bundle 10GB/Month 1,800 3 Months
Day Time Offer (DTO) 1GB/Day From 9am to 4pm 500 As Per Bundle
Good Night Offer (GNO) 1GB/Night 200 As Per Bundle

How to Activate Zong Internet Packages?

To activate any of daily, weekly and monthly internet package of Zong you need to dial *6464# and select your desired bundle.

How to check Zong Internet Usage?

Dial *102# to check the remaining internet MBs of Zong.

Add-Ons of Zong Internet:

Add-On Price Volume Ad. Volume Activation
Basic Add-On Rs.10 30 MB 10 MB SMS ‘ba’ to 6464
Premium Add On Rs.20 80 MB 10 MB SMS ‘pa’ 6464

China Mobile’s Zong is offering quite an impressive internet speed while data bandwidth they are providing a bit less compared to other operators.

Update 01/04/2019: The prices of these packages are renewed and updated as well as data volume is updated.

If we missed something related to Zong Internet Packages or you want to add a comment below.


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  3. Packages are not up-to-date I visited Zong’s Official Website and found that GNO is offered with volume of 2GB instead of 1GB .
    Also the timings of DTO are 4am-4pm.
    I haven’t confirmed other packages. Please have a look at them before Publishing an article……

    • @malik_zohaib_hassan:disqus Thank you for informing us about the mistake I’ve updated the post again and Hopefully there are no more mistakes

      • As I have mentioned Earlier that Timings of Day Time Offer (DTO) is 4am-4pm Rather than 9am-4pm……!
        Please revise whole post…!

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