Zong SMS Packages – Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly

Zong SMS Packages
Zong SMS Packages

Zong provides its subscribers many new Zong SMS Packages to send SMS to any network in Pakistan with quality service and cheaper rates.

The Zong says it all is firmly committed to bringing the best for its customers. For example, Zong SMS Bundles, all are directed towards providing the most cheaper and exciting service to users of the company.

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Zong SMS Packages

Telecom operator is offering many amazing SMS Packages including Zong Daily, Weekly and Monthly SMS Packages further details are mention below.

Zong Daily SMS Package

All details for Zong Daily SMS Package are mentioned below including Subscription method and charges, and the number of SMSs provided in this package.

Charges Rs.2.50+tax.
No. of Free SMS 500
Activation *704#
Validity 1 Day
Un-subscription 704


Zong Prepaid Daily Zulu SMS Package

Besides Zong Daily SMS + WhatsApp package, users can subscribe a cheaper daily SMS package. Following are the details:

Price Rs. 2.50 + Tax
SMS 500 SMS/day
Activation Dial *704# or SMS ‘sub’ to 704
Validity Midnight same day
Un-subscription Send ‘unsub’ to 704
Other Incentives 1 MB/Day

Zong Daily SMS-Whatsapp Bundle

The company provides Zong Daily SMS Package WhatsApp Bundle is suitable for that person who also chats on WhatsApp

Charges Rs.3.99+Tax
No. of Free SMS 500
Validity 1 Day
Activation *700# and enter 1
WhatsApp Usage 30 MB

Zong Weekly SMS Package

Zong SMS packages weekly details are mentioned below including No of SMS, subscription method, and other details.

Charges Rs. 10.99+tax.
No. of Free SMS 1200
Activation *702#
Validity 7 days
Un-subscription 700


Zong 15 Days SMS Package

all necessary details for Zong SMS Packages 15 days are mention below.

Charges Rs. 50
No. of Free SMS 500
Activation Sms sub to 700
Validity 15 days
Un-subscription Sms unsub to 700

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Zong Monthly SMS Package

Zong SMS packages monthly details are below all necessary details are mention.

Charges Rs. 80 + tax
No. of Free SMS 500
Activation Sms sub to 700
Validity 30 days
Un-subscription Sms unsub to 700

Zong Other Prepaid SMS Packages

In addition to Zong Prepaid daily, weekly and monthly SMS packages, Zong also offers a number of SMS packages with other incentives, that last till midnight same day.

Bundle Price SMS Freebies Offer Not Applicable Sub code Unsub SMS
Hello 8+Tax 100 100 on-net min, 50MB for Facebook N/A *2200*1# Unsub to 4952
Flutter 8+Tax 100 90 on-net min N/A *369# Unsub to 369
Full Gup 5+Tax 100 75 on-net min, 30MB for WhatsApp N/A 118*1# Unsub to 1181
Sixer Plus 8+Tax 500 Unlimited On-net min 6pm – 6am *666# Unsub to 666111
Perfect Package 12+Tax 500 Unlimited on-net min, 40MB 7pm – 10pm *118*2# Unsub to 7171


Zong Postpaid SMS Packages

For the postpaid customers, here’s a list of Zong Postpaid SMS Packages

Quantity/month Price Activation Un-Sub
300 Rs. 25 *567# “UnSub” to 700
700 Rs. 50 *567# “UnSub” to 700
Unlimited* Rs. 90 *567# “UnSub” to 700

* Fair usage policy of 500 SMS/Day applies.

If I forget to mention or you want to add new in Zong SMS Packages comment below.