Zong Updates Prices for Select 3G/4G MBB Packages

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Zong is still working on their mobile Broadband services and prices. Zong will make a plan for increasing the price of internet service at the rate of 1 paisa per MB.

The news will spread and publish out in articles or papers about the Zong Broadband 3G and 4G services of internet.

It also declared that the common Zong packages will remain the same but some MBB packages (that come with dongles or MiFis) should be changed.


This act from Zong is a  symbol that telecom operators are now thinking about on their prices and services.

So that some of the customers do not want the packages update, competing operators should be very comfortable as anyone will do this one day  (exactly like we had previously hinted).

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Zong will also establish a special focus on the 4G market where it has to take more than 2 million customers already.

Zong will also tell that they can invest massively in the 4G network during 2017 to make sure that its high-speed broadband is spread over the country.

Update Zong MBB Packages include:

zong mbb packages


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