ZTE teases an announcement for the Axon 40 series later this month

by Ijlala Maqbool
ZTE teases an announcement for the Axon 40 series later this month Image Name

The Axon 40 family has been the subject of several revealing leaks, the most recent of which came from TENAA. And now, the company’s mobile division president has shared a teaser poster on Weibo, implying that the Axon 40, and possibly a Pro variant, will be announced in China later this month.

The teaser poster does not reveal much about the phone which will be known as the Axon 40 Pro, but previous reports (which also include the TENAA leak) indicate that the Axon 40 Pro is simply a rebranded version of the nubia Z40 Pro, so we know what to expect from it.

However, the Axon family has a history of incorporating under display selfie cameras, so we are curious if the Axon 40 Pro will differ from the Nubia Z40 Pro in this regard. We also wonder if the so called Gravity Edition with Magnetic Charging will be a standard option or a separate option in the coming Axon 40 Pro, similar to the Nubia Z40 Pro.

Fortunately, we would not have to wait much longer, as ZTE will announce it this month for the Chinese market and will most likely make its way to the global stage shortly after.

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