How to Go Upstairs in SIMS 4 or Downstairs [Guide]


Years back, when I got my PS4, the game was one of my favorites, and I spent hours creating characters and fulfilling their life ambitions. We previously reported on the SIMS 5 release date and News. Do check it out if you’re a fan of it.

I recently reinstalled Sims 4 and was indeed surprised by the evolution it has undergone in the past few years. And I must say, the game is as addictive as ever, even more so than before.

Go Upstairs in Sims 4

The flow of the game is based on making and achieving goals, which take more time than they do effort. So, you won’t find Sim 4 a very challenging game, but it is exciting and absorbing and lets you live your fantasies and explore your creativity.

All Simmers love to build multistory buildings, and so do I. But how will we go upstairs in Sims 4 and downstairs? Read on; we’ll run you through it. Even though games like the SIMS series don’t have high-end spec requirements, having a good graphics card on your PC can save you from trouble, just in case. For better performance, having a good SSD is mandatory nowadays, so make sure you have it in your system.

How to Go Upstairs in Sims 4

Each of you might have a different purpose when accessing the upstairs portion of your home. You may just want to take a quick look at the upper level, or it may involve touching up the design of that portion or taking one of the sims upstairs.

No matter the reason attracting you upstairs, we’ll go through all three possible ways to access the upstairs sections in your Sims 4 abode.

If you just want to glimpse the upper section of your home in Sims 4, you can simply do that by hitting the Page Up button on your keyboard. You can also view the top floor by clicking on the arrow at the top-right corner of your screen. It’s marked in red in the screenshot below.

The up and down arrows allow you to switch between different floors of your home. If it isn’t just limited to viewing, and you want to make some changes in the upper section, you can do that too. Add anything you like, change anything you want.

Go Upstairs in Sims 4

You may want to take a sim upstairs to bed for sleeping, to the bathroom, or to make them interact with something upstairs. Whatever the reason, you need to click on the sim’s picture at the bottom of the screen and then use left click to move them wherever you want.

If your sim needs some sleep, choose his picture and then left-click on the bed. It will further open the options about how you want the sim to interact with the item.

Choose the action you want the sim to perform with the bed; you want him to go to sleep, so click on that. If you must go upstairs in Sims 4, that’s all you need to know.

How to go Upstairs Sims 4 PS4 / PlayStation 5

In The Sims 4, there are two ways to get your Sims up to the second floor of a home; they can either take the stairs or use the elevator. If you want to know how to go upstairs in The Sims 4 on Playstation 4, read on for our helpful guide.

  1. Focus on Your Sim by Pressing R3 button.
  2. Press UP button from Left Side of Controller.
  3. Move Left Stick to Move Character.
  4. Click on Floor to Move or Perform a Task like Sit or Sleep

Note: X is Action Button

To take the stairs, approach them and press the X button. Your Sim will automatically start climbing up to the next floor. If you want to use the elevator, first make sure it’s been built by going into Build Mode and placing it in your home. Once it’s been created, go into Live Mode and approach it. Press the X button and select which floor you’d like to go to.

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Go Downstairs in SIMS 4

Stuck on the upper floor and want to go downstairs? That’s not a big deal!

Just hit the arrow pointing downwards on the top-right side of the screen. The arrow will move you to the lower floor. If it’s the immediate lower floor you want to access, use the arrow once, and for driving to the floor below the immediate one, click on it twice.

Now, if you want to add a design to that particular floor, you can do that, or if you want a sim to interact with any item, you can do that too. To get a quick view of any lower floor, hit the Page Down button, and you are good to go.

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