Google Stadia List of Games

Here is the List of Google Stadia Games

Google Stadia is brand new project-cum platform of Google for gamers.  In Game Developers Conference 2019, Google announced a new service...
Best Adult Android Games

The Best Adult Android Games You Can Play Right Now

You might be wondering if there are any adult games in the market, well Yes there are many but which one...
How to Install Call of Duty: Mobile On Windows PC

How to Install Call of Duty: Mobile on Windows and Mac PC

Call of Duty: Mobile is recently introduced, and many people are looking to run it like PUBG Mobile on PC. So,...
best obs video recording settings

Best OBS Settings for Recording Videos – Both Video & Audio Settings

If you are streaming guy playing games or doing live streams, a question that you might ask yourself is what are...

Discord Text to Speech Songs and TTS Beatbox: Best Discord TTS Lines

If you play a lot of online games on the PC, you must be aware of a VoIP service Discord. It...

What is Bottleneck? and Best Bottleneck Calculator 2019

Many of your the PC Builders are most of the time checking for the bottleneck of a system checking bottleneck is...


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