These Are 3 Ways to Run Discord On Second Monitor


In our modern world, people use multiple monitors for various reasons. Some people like to have one monitor for work and one monitor for personal use. Others like to game on one monitor while keeping track of chat and other important windows on another monitor. Whatever the reason, having multiple monitors opens up a new world of possibilities.

How to Run Discord On Second Monitor

I use Discord on my second monitor at all times. My main monitor is where I do most of my work, usually in a full-screen window or in a small four-panel window. In this article, you’ll learn 3 ways you can use Discord on your second monitor.

Method 1: Build A Dual Display Setup

Note: Skip the section in case your monitors belong to the same make and model.

Enable Extend Mode

By spreading desktop to all available displays, this feature develops a huge virtual workstead.

Tap Win+P to choose Extend Mode.

Select and Rearrange Displays

Using hit and trial method, drag rectangles to ensure proper orientation of monitors (either left or right) on your desktop.

Use Identify to know which one is “1” or “2”

Allocate primary screen

Also, the checkbox “Use this as primary display” for the desired screen.

The other automatically becomes secondary.

Scale and Layout

For Monitors with different resolutions, scale the monitor with higher resolution to a higher level to achieve the same window size on both screens.

Method 2: Run Discord on Second Monitor

A short path for a huge dilemma :

Moving the Discord window to the desired screen,

Saving the Discord Window position and size in the specified window,

Ending all the background processes for Discord.

1. Moving Discord on Second Monitor

Simple Drag and Drop

Click on the top bar of the Discord window to bring it into focus.

Drag it to the desired screen and drop off.

Restore and Move method

Hover over the running Discord icon in the taskbar of Windows 10 to view the Miniature Preview.

Right-click on the preview to tap on Restore.

Right-click on restored window panel, and go for Move.

Move the window to the desired position on the preferred screen using arrow keys.

The Easiest Shortcut

Hit Win+Shift+arrow keys for instantly hopping over the screen in the direction of the arrow.

2. Saving

Say No to Full Screen

In many cases, Fullscreen is the main culprit forcing the window to open only on the Primary screen, indulging one into the constant hard work of moving the window to the required position after every boot.

So, run windowed mode of Discord.

The smaller it goes, the better it happens

Reduce the window size to one half.

And remember not to maximize it again if you don’t want to ruin the plot.

Holy Shortcut

Hit Win+Shift+Enter to save the present location and size of the window for the next time you run it.

3. Ending

Kill Them All

Put an end to every running thing of Discord by

  1. Quitting Discord icon from the system tray of the taskbar, adjacent to the sound icon.
  2. Terminating all processes of Discord directly from the Details panel of TaskManager.

Method 3: A Short Way Out

If the above strategy fails you, don’t fall prey to sadness as Techwafer has got your back. Shining below is TechWafer’s best, simplest, most straightforward, most precise, and permanent solution of all miseries.

Setting up a parameter

Using – adapter 2 parameter would help to open Discord permanently on 2nd monitor.

Dwindling with Config. File

Locate settings.json file in the directory


 MONTOR 720p

Set values accordingly and save the file. It will hold window size and position on the specified monitor.

Method 4: 3rd Party Software

However, this is not much appreciated, but if you have come so far due to a stroke of ill luck, this is your only chance, and you’re not going to miss it!!!

Microsoft PowerToys

( Steps in the pic. below)

Hopefully, Guide To Run Discord On Second Monitor will ease the process of running discord on a secondary monitor. If you have any doubt, ask me in the comment section. I’ll try to reply as soon as possible.

Adeel Younas

Adeel Younas

Adeel Younas, Editor in Chief of TechWafer, is a tech reviewer and creator specializing in PC hardware and artificial intelligence.

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