How to Go Down a Line In Discord: The Easy Way


Most of you may already know that Discord is a popular method for gamers to talk to each other. It’s a great way to talk to friends and other players while you’re gaming, but sometimes you just need to go down a line to get your point across. Here’s how I would do it:

First, you’ll need to open up the Discord app and go to the channel you want to post. Next, type out your message like you would normally. Hit the “enter” key on your keyboard when ready to move down the line. Oh no! Instead of moving the cursor to the line below, it will immediately send the message.

But that’s not what you want to do to solve it in Discord; just hit the “enter” key more while holding the “shift” key at once. For example, just hit the “Shift + Enter” key three times to go down three lines. It’s that simple!

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You might think, “But Wajeeha, what if I want to make a big space between lines without going down multiple lines?” No problem! In this case, you need to press the “shift” and “enter” keys at the same time. This will make a line break in your message, so you can put more space between lines without going down more than one line.

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Discord is making trouble for users by neglecting the white spaces between messages and paragraphs, like the silence between musical notes. Listed below are the related problems.

  1. Go down a line in Discord.
  2. Make space between messages in Cozzy Mode.
  3. Move down a chat in Discord.

Using Shift+Enter for spacing apart paragraphs or messages makes reading easier!!!

1. Go Down a line in Discord

For Windows and MAC User

Believe me; there is no magic or sorcery involved. Although it is very easy to do, many people are unaware of going down a line in a Discord chat.

Place the t pointer where a new line or break in the line is needed to go down a line, then hold and press Shift + Enter.

NOTE On sending a message, the line gets deleted unless it is sent in a paragraph with words before and after the line.

For Android Users

There is no Shift key on Android, so the only way around it would be the application of an external keyboard for your android device to go down a line in Discord.

2. Making space between messages in Cozzy Mode

Featuring no line spacing between adjacent messages in Cozy Mode, Discord makes the stack of messages look like a wall of text.

Using Compact Mode solves the previous dilemma but introduces a new one, the absurd-looking repetition of names prepended with each message.

Leaving the first line empty of each message or post using the asterisk command is a better way out. , add two asterisks ** on the first sentence, then leave a blank space and add two more asterisks ** to complete the command.

Expectations From Discord

As greatly asserted on the Discord Forums, Discord Developers might likely introduce a transformative update on “Enter Behaviour” for configuring hotkeys on entering a new line or sending messages.

3. Moving down a chat in Discord

Scrolling down hundreds of messages each time one enters a text channel has been an awful experience for all Discord users, specifically Android users lacking END key for traversing to the most recent ones.

  1. Bring Discord into focus by clicking on the middle section without selecting something unwanted, then pressing the END key or Ctrl+END key brings one to the end of the messages.
  2. Pressing ESC key marks the channel read and bumps one down to the latest messages.

4. How to Skip a line in Discord while typing

One of the best features of Discord is the ability to skip a line when typing a message quickly. This can be done by holding down the Shift key while typing your message. This will create a new line without any formatting.

So, folks, there you have it. It’s easy to go down a line in Discord, and you now know how to do it like a pro. So try it out and see how easy it is to make your Discord messages more engaging. The “Shift + Enter” key is your friend whether you want to make a point or add extra space. So, my fellow gamers, go out and take over the world of Discord. Happy messaging!

Adeel Younas

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