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TechWafer.com aims to be a companion for consumers as they surf across the tech domain for the latest news. We cover everything that might interest the audience, from the tech giants and smartphones to the most promising gadgets. Our editors filter through hundreds of news every day to serve the readers with the day’s most relevant and engaging tech news. Our editors and reporters have a keen interest and experience in educating the readers.

TechWafer is a website that provides information on the latest technology news and products. It aims to be a companion for consumers as they surf across the tech domain for the latest news. TechWafer covers everything that might interest consumers, from gaming and entertainment to software and hardware reviews.

The website has a team of experienced writers who are passionate about technology. They strive to provide quality content that is informative and engaging. In addition to articles, TechWafer also has a video channel that showcases the latest technology products and trends.


Founded in Jan 2014 as The Tech, later rebranded as TechWafer, it now reaches over 70,000 unique visitors and draws more than 120K+ page views monthly. TechWafer community, growing rapidly, includes more than 405K friends and followers on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, XClub, TikTok, and other social media.

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At TechWafer, our goal is to provide valuable and objective editorial content crafted by our team of journalists and writers. However, in order to support our website and compensate our team, we generate revenue through various means. This includes the use of affiliate links to products and services on retailer sites, for which we may earn a commission if you click on them or make a purchase.


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