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  • Please use clear and concise language. Even if English isn’t your first language, we will help you with your piece by giving you constant feedback on it until it is ready for the printing press.
  • Your article should be meaningful and relevant to one (or more) of the following fields; startup’s, entrepreneurship and technology. If you have a topic in mind that you feel doesn’t belong with the above but could be of value to us and our readers, feel free to pitch it to us before you begin writing on it.
  • No posts for self-promotion will be entertained, We prefer to maintain objectivity and restrict bias. If you have a startup or are an entrepreneur, reach out to us through contact us but please don’t write about yourself or your startup.
  • We are very strict when it comes to plagiarism, We will filter your article through several screening processes before publishing it and plagiarized articles when found will be discarded and you will never be able to submit anything again at our website!!
  • Follow proper journalism ethics. While you might not have a degree in journalism, you should still attribute your quotes, images and other materials that helped you in making your article properly, failure to do so at all or properly will reflect poorly on you and could affect your article being published.
  • We reserve the final decision in all matters regarding your article, as such we have the right to publish when we see fit, remove it if the community deems so or not publish at all. We will not respond to correspondences regarding queries about your article no matter how much you spam our inbox’s and if such a matter arises we will be the ones contacting you.
  • Each and every single reader of this site is very valuable to us, we would hate to find out that our own readers are lacking the gift of writing or are taking shortcuts just to step into the limelight. We would love to see talent outside of our own writing team emerge but only if they take the right path and make the proper decisions in the pursuit of their article.

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